• Spread love.

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More than just soap

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You can Help Combat the Freshwater Crisis

We're global citizens in a world where not everyone has access to clean water.  We see their crisis as ours too. For that we've established a company mission to spread love & fresh water and you can help.  Together, we will do our part to help fix this issue.  Each time you purchase one of our products we give a percentage of the proceeds to fresh water charities and campaigns worldwide.

We promise to show love to our planet as we source our products with the most luxurious blends of sustainable all-natural ingredients.

- the Love & Freshwater team

Every bottle counts. 

Not only are you caring for your skin with amazing all-natural ingredients, but you're also helping to give back to those less fortunate.

Sending a Gift?

Looking for something for someone special? Let us know and we'll package your gift with extra care.